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The OurJourney First Aid Reentry Kit Program

Reentry agencies or organizations interested in purchasing larger quantities of First Aid Reentry Kits for their own distribution should contact us at Reentry Kits purchased in this manner begin at $75 per reentry kit.

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The OurJourney First Aid Reentry Kit program includes a package given to men on their release dates to help them as they transition from prison to freedom, from their past life to their Best Life.
Designed, created and assembled by formerly incarcerated individuals, each kit contains up to five items:

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A 48-page reentry booklet called "What to Expect: Your First Days Free," full of advice and encouragement from men who have already made that journey
(Click image to view booklet.)



A Resource Guide specific to each man's home plan county, full of contact information for agencies, organizations, faith-based ministries and businesses that provide services for those who are returning from prison


A NC DMV Driver Handbook, for those who will need to renew their Driver's License or get one for the first time


An OurJourney T-Shirt in the appropriate size

A gift card for a local restaurant enough for at least two meals (restaurant may vary)

The Chick-Fil-A logo is a registered trademark of Chick-Fil-A.




The OurJourney First Aid Reentry Kit program, however, is much more than "just a box." It is also a vital link that connects everyone interested in seeing a returning citizen succeed, both before and after release: the one incarcerated, the prison case managers and the reentry specialist back home. How does it do this? To find out, join us on an animated adventure we call "The Magic Little Green Box." (Duration: 00:05:24)