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OurJourney Essential Services

professional . personal . profound

Available for any returning citizen in North Carolina 

Getting out of prison is just the beginning. Rebuilding your life requires hard work, perseverance and the spirit of a champion. It's never easy, but OurJourney believes that the same inner strength that got you through prison can lead you past the challenges of freedom down the path to self-sufficiency. We also believe that sometimes even the strongest among us just need a little help getting started. 

OurJourney's Essential Services program provides professional, personal and profound assistance to any returning citizen in North Carolina who wants to gain the tools and skills necessary to rebuild a life after incarceration.

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Tanisha Reed

Director of Essential Services

Tanisha grew up in Somerset, New Jersey, relocating to North Carolina in 2006. She lives in Zebulon with her husband and their eight "fur babies," as she affectionately calls her pets. She enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and giving back to the community.

OurJourney Director of Essential Services Tanisha Reed has a BA in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Human and Social Services and, even more importantly, the desire to use her skills and talents to help bring out the best in every returning citizen she meets. 

If you have returned from a North Carolina prison and would like Tanisha's one-on-one help with any (or all) of the Essential Services listed below, please sign up for the Essential Services program by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 

The OurJourney Essential Services program - one more way we're helping you get your Best Chance at your Best Life.


  Writing a Resume  

A professional resume can help you land a job

Job Interview_edited_edited_edited_edite

Job Interview Prep

Learn tips for how to present yourself and your talents


Medication Help

We'll help you enroll to receive free prescription medication


Budgeting Skills

Earning money isn't any good if you can't budget it


Handling Stress

Learn tips for dealing with stress, depression and rejection

Computer Work_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Computer Skills

Learn the basics of computer and smartphone operation

After two weeks of living on bourbon and

Nutrition Skills

Learn healthy habits that give you a zeal and zest for life


Relationship Skills

Learn how to build relationships last last and add joy

Urban Fashion_edited.jpg

Dress for Success

Learn how to make the right fashion decisions


Free Insurance Registration

A good insurance plan will help you secure your future

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