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Visit the OurJourney website by clicking here          888-50-REENTRY

NC Reentry Navigator Dashboard

Help OurJourney connect returning citizens with mentors in their county who have already rebuilt their lives after incarceration.


Your donation will allow OurJourney to develop the NC Reentry Navigator Dashboard, an online tool for matching North Carolina residents returning to our communities after incarceration with individuals in their home county who have rebuilt their own live after incarceration, for the purpose of providing practical, emotional and mental support.


Specifically, OurJourney will use your donation to:


  • Contract with a tech company owned and operated by individuals with lived experience to develop the online dashboard, which OurJourney will make available to all other organizations or agencies that support returning citizens

  • Identify formerly incarcerated men and women in all 100 North Carolina counties who have successfully rebuilt their own lives and are committed to helping others do the same in their community

  • Include all of the information for these "reentry navigators" on the dashboard in a secure, searchable format

  • Train, when necessary, these reentry navigators in peer support methods using proven curriculum

  • Maintain all of the data and keep it updated

  • Integrate the NC Reentry Navigator Dashboard into other OurJourney programs and services

​OurJourney has partnered with Zeffy to receive donations by credit or debit card through a secure portal right here on this page. To make a donation in any amount up to $10,000.00 using a credit or debit card, please complete the form provided. For those donating an amount over $10,000.00, please use the US Bank Account feature or by check to:


Attn: Reentry Dashboard

PO Box 2862

Rocky Mount, NC 27802 

OurJourney is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to OurJourney are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law.

Our EIN number is 88-0782634.

Visit the OurJourney website by clicking here          888-50-REENTRY

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