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 OurJourney recognizes that while we may be proficient at some things, there are so many wonderful people pursuing the same mission of helping current and former prisoners through their own areas of expertise. It is our joy to partner with these groups, combine our efforts and work towards a common goal. Please support them as you do us.

If you are part of a team devoted to addressing the needs of those returning to freedom from prison, and would like information about your organization to appear on this page, please contact


Spotlight Partner:
Freedom Fighting Missionaries

Freedom Fighting Missionaries

Freedom Fighting Missionaries, located in Charlotte, NC, focuses on supporting those who have been incarcerated in jails and prisons by connecting them with services and resources that are specific to them in the Mecklenburg County area. 


Visit for more information.

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Freedom Fighting Missionaries Executive Director Kenny Robinson talks about the many struggles our citizens returning to Mecklenburg County face and how FFM is helping meet those needs in the Queen City. (Duration: 00:08:47)

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