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Printing company finds success hiring former prisoners

Apr 14, 2022

Telepathic Graphics in Rocky Mount, NC believes everyone deserves a second chance

"One of my favorite shows," says Telepathic Graphics's Chief Financial Officer Lisa Canady (pictured) with a smile, "is Pitbulls & Parolees, a show all about giving second chances. Here [at Telepathic Graphics] we have our own version of that show: Printers & Parolees."

Telepathic Graphics currently has four employees that served time at Nash Correctional Institution a few miles away, including William Hyman who was the first of the group hired over a decade ago. Hyman, like the other three, worked at the Correction Enterprises Print Plant at Nash, which was where he first learned the craft. Correction Enterprises has several production facilities across the state, all located inside prisons, that train prisoners in a variety of trades, from printing to making furniture.

Canaday told OurJourney that apart from the printing experience that these four guys have, Telepathic Graphics loves how adaptable they are. "They are so eager to learn," she said, "and they'll do whatever you ask of them."

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