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OurJourney meets with Nash Correctional Institution

Apr 14, 2022

OurJourney and NCI look for ways to partner together

OurJourney Executive Director Brian Scott and Chief Operating Officer Justin Moore met with Mrs. Talena Lee, the Assistant Warden at NCI (Nashville, NC), and two case managers, Ms. Wilson and Mr. Herring, on Thursday, April 14 at Nash to explore opportunities to work together.

Scott and Moore, who met while incarcerated at Nash, shared more about OurJourney and its mission with the group, then listened as Mrs. Lee, Ms. Wilson and Mr. Herring shared the struggles they face trying to help the dozens of men who go home every year from Nash. Together the group came up with some key ways that OurJourney can offer help to these men, such as by providing a comprehensive list of resources targeted for the community that each will return to upon his release, as well as encouragement and support that can only come from men who have walked that same path from incarceration to freedom.

"Nash is a community, not just a prison," Mrs. Lee stressed, adding that is very important to her and her team that all who leave Nash have the help they need to succeed.

OurJourney will have much more to say about this meeting and the partnership with NCI in the days ahead, Scott said.

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