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OurJourney greets NC prisoner as he walks out of Tabor Correctional Institution

Apr 7, 2022

Clint "CJ" Graves begins new life in freedom

When Clint "CJ" Graves walked out of Tabor Correctional Institution on April 7th, after eight years of imprisonment, OurJourney was there to greet him. Executive Director Brian Scott signed the paperwork necessary to pick up CJ, and then, along with Board Member Josh Stancil (pictured below), took CJ out for his first meal in freedom.

Tabor City, a small rural community on the edge of the South Carolina border, had little to offer in the way of restaurants, so the trio ended up at a Burger King a few miles away from the prison. Although it was lunch time, CJ was so excited and keyed up that he could barely eat.

After a stop in Fayetteville for some clothes and a few other necessities, OurJourney then provided CJ with transportation back to Reidsville, north of Greensboro, where he was reunited with his family, including his 10-year-old son and namesake.

"I'm really grateful," CJ says, "because it was going to be hard for anybody to come and get me." He knows the road ahead won't be easy, and that the first few weeks will present many challenges, but CJ wants his Best Life.

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