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OurJourney announces first Board of Directors

Apr 2, 2022

Three women and five men, including three former prisoners, form inaugural board

One of the first orders of business for OurJourney was to select and seat its inaugural Board of Directors. Executive Director Brian Scott and Chief Operating Officer Justin Moore knew what OurJourney needed: a board full of qualified individuals who believed passionately in the mission to help men and women return to freedom from prison. They also wanted a robust board, one that would not only provide financial oversight but also ensure that OurJourney, no matter who serves in leadership positions, stays true to that mission. Finally, they wanted the Board of Directors to have individuals on it who had experienced both the pain of prison and the joys and challenges of returning to society.

"We found who we were looking for," says Scott. "We have men and women from across many professions and fields, including a retired military pilot, a Ph.D. candidate, a health care specialist, a teacher and a pastor, along with three men who have all rebuilt their lives after serving lengthy prison sentences." All eight of the OurJourney board members have had their lives touched in some way by the American prison experience, and all eight believe that helping men and women rebuild their lives after incarceration is a moral imperative, not just a cause.

Scott says that the OurJourney Board of Directors will hold its first board meeting sometime towards the end of April, and will post a report from that meeting on the OurJourney website.

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