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nash alumni association

OurJourney is proud to sponsor the reunions of the Nash Alumni Association, including its most recent reunion in Spring Hope, North Carolina. Below are photographs and one video from that reunion, along with numerous pictures and videos of the guys and friends from the group's previous three reunions. Enjoy!

NAA Reunion 4

Eli and Jennifer Shipman hosted a group of over 50 people at their farm in Spring Hope, NC for the fourth reunion of the Nash Alumni Association on June 25, 2022. The "Pig'n Chik'n Pik'n" event included a cookout, raffle prizes, team competitions, baby goat petting and an impromptu praise & worship performance by Lee Lyles (available as a short video on our brand new TikTok channel). Everybody left with a full belly, a door prize and a smile, including 15 former prisoners.