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November 8

OurJourney hosts Virtual Symposium about NC MedAssist

OurJourney has partnered with NC MedAssist on behalf of our returning citizens and will introduce other state service providers to this amazing nonprofit organization that provides free medication to needy NC residents who meet their basic qualifications.


November 16

OurJourney participates in meeting of the Durham Reentry Council

OurJourney has accepted an invitation from the Durham Local Reentry Council to share more about the First Aid Reentry Kit and Essential Services programs.


December 1

OurJourney begins partnership with the Buncombe County Re-entry Council


All citizens returning to Buncombe County from ANY male correctional facility in North Carolina​ will begin receiving an OurJourney First Aid Reentry Kit when they make contact with the Buncombe County Re-entry Council.


NCWU WordsArched_TEXT Only_2c logo.png

January 18

OurJourney launches Internship Program at NCWU


Student interns at North Carolina Wesleyan University will work with OurJourney to develop Reentry Resource Guides for all 100 counties in North Carolina.


Follow OurJourney Across North Carolina

All North Carolinians have heard the saying "from Manteo to Murphy."


About the only two places OurJourney hasn't been yet are Manteo and Murphy!


Since OurJourney officially launched in February of 2022, we have crisscrossed the state, visiting prisons, reentry warriors in dozens of NC counties, churches, civic groups, universities and, yes, the formerly incarcerated.

Scroll through these images to join us on this wonderful journey and check back often for the latest photographs. You just might see yourself!

(Hover mouse over images to read caption.)

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